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Basic Sizing Chart for

 Be sure to use a soft tape measure and have someone to help.  Measurements must be accurate, if the garment is going to fit.  All measurements are confidential. 

Your name ________________________________________________

A.Chest (not bra size)_________________________________________________________

B.Waist _____________________________________________________________

C.Hips _____________________________________________________________

D.Underarm (from under arm to wrist with arm stretched out to the side) _______________

E.Center back (from the center of the back to the wrist with arm stretch out __________________

F.Back(from nape of the neck to the waist) ___________________________________________

G.Front (from the top of the shoulder midway between neck and top of arm to the waist) ________________

H.Back full length (from nape of neck to where you want the hem)(Back(E) + Skirt length(H) added together.________________________________

Re-measure back and skirt if necessary)

I.Skirt length (from waist over the hip to where you want the hem) ____________________________

J. Inside pants seam length (for bloomers or pants) _______________________________________

K. Outside pants seam length (for bloomers or pants) ____________________________________________


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