Womens and childrens pioneer clothing- Calico Annie


Womens and Childrens Pioneer Clothing   

 I am 71 years old and have decided to retire.  I have been sewing for you for 16 years, and it has been some of the best times of my life. I want to thank my customers for their business.  The website will be up until October, but I will not be sewing.

Sincerely, Ann Cheever (owner of Calico Annie)

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 Calico Annie

creates historical clothing for women and children.    We offer pioneer clothing but also have sewn clothing from other periods of time


We promise to pay attention to  authenticity and to use quality materials

We are a G-rated company and only promote tasteful and modest clothing

We can custom cut your garments to fit for no extra charge, and everything is guaranteed. contact us at     calicoan@swbell.net

If you want a perfect fit, we can make you a muslin bodice

Our clothing has the look of authenticity.  If you are a museum,   or have the need to be absolutely authentic, let us know.  The price will vary from the price on the website.

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